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Designed by Will Jackson
(drawn by tim hunkin)
Try to keep the dials from going into the danger zones. This was based on a PIC chip program Will had written for a science museum exhibit.

The Railtrack Experience by Tim Hunkin
A simulator ride of a frustrating journey including coach transfers etc. This was inspired by the sega space Harrier chassis that eventually became Microbreak



How about a private Karaoke booth (is that how you spell it !?!?) Close the door as you enter, select a suitably dire song & sing along. Booth is soundproofed for privacy. As you exit the machine dispenses a CDR with your performance on it with sound effects in the background (dogs howling, hisses, boos, \"GEt off your rubbish\", \"Can you play far away\" etc).


:D Just thought of another one! How about an extension to the Microbreak machine (or even a new machine) - virtual baggage retrieval. You follow the twists & turns of your luggage as it makes its journey to the plane along with it\'s mis-handling & loss!


Sarah Angliss

this is an idea for time travel. you push the revolving door and as you go round you see stuff on the video on the door and real stuff (aliens etc) on the walls.



How about a similar machine to the Bathyscape, but going in the opposite direction, i.e. a Journey into Space. With the addition of a 2nd screen, you could show humourus objects floating by, or give the impression of speeding thru\' space. Lots of story lines are possible, like an alien invading the spaceship, not very original I know, but maybe an alien head could pop out to give the riders a fright.
Perhaps you could adapt the bathyscape if its popularity wanes, there does not seem to be much more room on the pier to add extra machines.



Have you thought about using the interactive dvd features for something like the Bathyscape machine. Put some simple choices in to vary the ride (go left or go right etc.), just make it so each \'thread\' is the same length and contains similar action on screen so you can just run the same plc/timer program.



virtual ghost train
You sit in something like a photo booth (with a proper bench seat). A tv shows footage of a model ghost train with either cheesy cutout ghosts and monsters jumping out or digital special effects. As the ride progresses, things are set off at odd intervals like the seat vibrates or a blast of air blows across the riders face. A small cheap cctv system films the rider and people outside the ride can watch their reactions.



How about a virtual Laundrette. You select on screen a number of clothes you see them put in the machine & then see them whirled about (along with their attempted escape - in a Youngs One\'s style!). Meanwhile the seat you are sitting on revolves too (along with the monitor otherwise I think you would be sick) & a lot of watery noises, a fast spin & finally a tumble dry (where you are blasted with air).
Also, what about a \"Government spin machine\" made out of a spin-dryer. You insert some money, see some words put into the top of a spin-dryer, it spins for a bit & out pops a piece of paper from the hole where the water normally come out of. On it is a random bit of potential new government spin



I\'ve just come back from a cycling holiday in France (which might make some kind of machine itself) but the best (?) inspiration for an interactive machine was the ferry trip back. The boat was quite small and the sea very rough. We were rocking from side to side, rising up slowly then crashing down at strange angles. And then of course the bit kids might like, loads of people started to throw up (evil smells and stewards wondering round in plastic gloves collecting up the sick bags and being very polite although with a wry smile - not sure how you\'d do that on a machine), and the sound of moaning. Next we almost ran into a small, struggling trawler and had to veer suddenly to one side, our boat tilting serverely as we turned and lots of people falling over. And then at the end the Captain came on the speakers and said \'I hope you enjoyed the trip despite the weather\' which got a very loud boo! from everyone.


Randi Robin

How about a Baby Soothing machine? Actually, the user is the soother — as long as he rubs the back of the mechanical baby, who lies face down in a crib, the baby makes lovely little gurgles and sighs and works its little legs. As soon as the user stops touching the baby, the baby cries. One imagines the user soliciting strangers to take over the back rubbing so he can leave without guilt. I suppose this isn’t a coin op machine, though, as the crying stimulates the interaction, and you wouldn’t want to pay money to start a baby crying. Perhaps the user drops a coin in the slot to STOP the crying. More like a collection box. You’d feel cheated, though. Hmmm. I do like the idea of a machine that motivates you to enlist the next user.
What about a Deep Trash machine? User drops a piece of garbage through a hole in a bin (aperture is relatively small so bin interior isn’t visible). This triggers an audio track (the classic receding whistle) that makes it sound as if your piece of trash then falls a very great distance, then lands with an unexpectedly loud thump, or an enormous wet splat, or a diminishing bounce, bounce, bounce. This one’s not a slot machine, either. Not making you any money, am I? :-( 
How about a Literature Lottery? Dropping a coin in the slot activates a roomful of monkeys at typewriters. After several seconds of furious typing, the machine spits out a “typewritten” card with random text. There’s an astronomical chance it’ll be a scene from Hamlet. Perhaps the more coins you deposit at the beginning, the more monkeys 



how about one where a balding engineer finally comes to his senses and stops screwing up clasic arcade machines like Space Harrier and instead decides to give back to society through useful work. It could feature a drafting table, T-square and various triangles where the engineer (player) toils creating things for the good of humanity rather than wasting time or classic arcade machines that actually contributed to culture of the world. Of course the triangles and T-square would be tied down to prevent theft.



I\'m a musician, and I think it would be great if you made a machine that plays music! Some sort of mechanical arm that plays a violin is the most practical thing I can think of. Of course, the \"music\" would probably sound horrible, but thats what would make it amusing! If you really wanted to break your back on this project, you could add some sort of randomization to the movents of the arm(s), so the horrible music sounds different every time!
You could take it even further by having a nice horrible band of say... 3 statues. theres plenty of insturments which could be \"played\" by machines(admittedly it would sound bad but thats the point!). Some good insturments that might be able to be played by machines that i can think of are: violin (or any stringed instrument using a bow), guitar (i could show you how to arange the left hand so that it could play 1, 2-note chord which could be randonly planted at one of 3 or 4 lengths up the neck of the instrument), drums, or maybe a wind isntrument if you could make air blow through it without too much noise from a motor (a trumbone with a sliding arm for example, or just a clarinet or a crusty old \"recorder\" which is a primitive flute type thing i had to play in elementary school).
even one musician-machine would be great. If you made a rock-star guitar player who had 3 hands on his left arm, you could make \"decent\" sounding music (it should of course be random and agravating, but i mean, you could make one hand lift off of the neck as another presses down to avoid long pauses in the sound as the mechanism moves along... if he had 3 hands on one arm, or just 3 arms on one side, it would be much easier to make a much better sound... or you coudl make him have 6 arms and use the other 2 and one of his feet to play 2 drums and a symbol!... perhaps a violin would be the easiest).
anyways thats my idea, i don\'t know if it would be good for the amusement arcade(the noise might bother people), but it certainly would be a great machine worthy of having on display somewhere! I\'d certainly stick some money in it if I saw it.



Just been shopping. It would appear that the Xmas shopping (well the stock in the shop) is all underway. How about a machine similar to the \"art critic\" but with them dressed at Father Xmas. He could say something along the lines of Ho Ho Ho have I got a surprise for you (a line from Are you Being Served!) & then dispenses a small Xmas gift. People could take their kids to see it rather than taking them to a large department store which costs an absolute fortune.


how about a machine that clamps round your head and seems to be burrowing inside your brain - a drug simulator!



I\'ve had an idea for a coin-op \"contraption\" toy train that trundles round its track setting off bells, lights, sound effects, level crossings, sheep/leaves on the line, trees blowing down etc powered by a hand crank dc generator (also from MUTR) and a very rudimentary copper strip power supply system that the moving train takes its power from and also completes a dc circuit at certain points for the so called \"effects\". I\'m certainly no engineer but even just thinking about the system I describe seems to have too many potential things to go wrong ie breaks in the dc circuits. Perhaps I should buy a PIC programmer myself!


Nick Gully

How about whack-a-politician? Like wack-a-mole but with Blair, Thatcher, Bush, and Clinton popping up, with sound bytes


How about a brewery (Adnams?, perhaps Badmans brewery.) A PC program where you have to add ingredients provided from a menu (touch screen?), and control the process - temperature/pressure/filtration. There is a display of an analysis of the contents and also a list of possible bad effects on the consumer if the ingredients are wrong. Accompanied by suitable noises of course. ( The menu also includes odd ones - radioactive sand - rotten cabbages - sodium carbonate - sea water - old engine oil (for a smooth flavour) etc....
The program might end with a short video from Adnams about how it should be done.